As infrastructure deteriorates with age, and at the same rate in many areas, it is vitally important to choose an experienced and qualified company to handle the job. Anjo Construction aptly saves the day as customers, plagued with a myriad of complex and timely issues make the call during an emergency. The Anjo crew have climbed under bridges to weld sewage casing, demolished buildings (by leap and bound), replaced sewage pumping stations, added valve vaults to save property-damaging overflows from continuing, repaired state roads after a line install and rehabilitated water, sewer, and drainage lines in aging cities.The photo gallery showcases the variety of jobs completed over the years.


From left - Bob Groat, previous foreman of Anjo Construction, and Joe Vellano. The 225 Excavator shown in the photo was the first one sold in the area in1972.

Excavator being delivered on site.

Transition - Dodge Rpt - 1st job under the Anjo name - 3 x 5 card bid result

Snow Excavator for CT Male Engineering firm. Anjo Construction was hired to handle the headquarters site work for the office park build. The excavator made quick work of moving the boulder in the picture. Winter 1981.

An old sewage treatment plant being demolished in Altamont, NY, 1985.



City of Johnstown Water Meter Replacement

The City of Johnstown city-wide meter register replacement project has been completed on July 3rd 2014. Anjo Construction LTD, the contractor for the city of Johnstown, has replaced approximately 3300 water meter registers that can be read from the street. For any information regarding this project, please call our office at 518.785.5546.

Water line replacement Congress Street, water, sewer and drainage in old city rehab. Troy, NY. May 2010.

Guilderland subdivision

Building a water tower

Ductile line and water line install in Tannersville

Capping an abandoned water line. Colonie, NY


Installing a sewage pumping station and valve vault in Saratoga Springs, NY. April 12 and 13, 2012.

Sewer install, Watervliet, NY. Winter 2010

Saratoga County Sewer Pumping Station

Unusual sewer meter, Coeymans, NY.

Sewer repair, off Wolf Rd. Shoppers Park in Colonie, NY.

Versatility - sewer repair underneath a state road crossing complete with road stripes.

The sewer repair on Albany Shaker Rd. dentist office parking lot was a deep and complicated repair of old, asbestos and cement lines present in the surrounding area, which turns soft after years underground.

Sewer lateral - service line to a local homeowner - deep complicated situation

Installing sewer line installation, Guilderland, NY.

Installing a manhole on an existing sewer line. Coeymans, NY.

Underneath route 85 under bridge welding sewage casings for sewage line in Bethlehem, NY.

Old Clay tile sewer line, installing a new sewer line in Cohoes, NY. 1973.

Installing sewer line in Guilderland 1972


Inside water treatment plant.

Watervliet Arsenal hired Anjo Construction to replace their chromic acid lines in the late '80s. This photo shows our crew in a trenchbox above the lines.

A water treatment plant - installing control valves - Gloversville NY.

Photo of a Vortex separator, a special kind of manhole with pipe which separates out oil, dirt and storm water.

Plant valve replacement, interior of chemical plant. Rotterdam, NY.



Arch culvert in Southern Vermont box culvert installation, early 1970's.


Park Place at Malta subdivision

Hunter's Ridge subdivision. Colonie, NY.