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Headquartered in Latham, New York, Anjo Construction LTD., is a family owned civil contracting firm.  Anjo Construction LTD. performs work in the public and private market and specializes in clearing, grading, utilities, including; water, storm, sewer and conduits; and road construction. We also have the capability and expertise to build new construction and rehab existing infrastructure. We are an organization that has earned a reputation for outstanding service, courtesy, and professionalism in every aspect of our work.

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What We Do

Anjo Construction LTD. contracts with homeowners, developers, general contractors, municipalities, utility authorities and Departments of Transportation.  Project delivery methods include bid/build, design/build and construction management. We have forged strong and longstanding relationships with project owners and engineers by utilizing excellent communications skills and understanding of their concerns. This helps ensure that coordination with the public, utilities and facilities will be thorough, organized and successful.

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"We will always do exactly as we say we will do and be as good as we say we are, every time."

Mission Statement

"Our corporate mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality construction services through efficient and economical operations that are supported by modern technologies and practices within an environment that nurtures employee growth and fun."
Anjo Construction LTD., is committed to safety, quality, professionalism, the industry and our community. It is our goal to exceed expectations every day.  With demonstrated leadership in local, regional and national industry organizations, our team is dedicated to maintaining and building our expertise to better serve our clients, the industry and the community.

ourPeople 20130227130656-2 The First Job awarded to Anjo Construction


The growth and progress of any organization like ours depends on employees that have initiative, creativity, and enthusiasm. Anjo Construction LTD. has selected a core group of employees that have the potential and desire to meet our high standards, help us maintain our position of leadership, and work well together for our common success.



Although Anjo Construction technically began in 1972, the company retains the same rich history, knowledge, experience and know-how rooted in the ‘family company tree’ that began with Vellano Bros. Inc. back in 1946. In the 1970s’, Vellano Bros. Inc. saw a need to fulfill customer demand by creating Anjo Construction to handle their growing contract work - while Vellano Bros. Inc. (now Vellano Technologies) concentrated on pipe sales. Anjo Construction actually gets their name from combining the names of the two original Vellano brothers, Anthony and John. Because Anjo Construction retained their original staff from Vellano, with their vast experience and talents, they could develop their knowledge base to make a permanent, positive mark in the area’s construction industry. From 1946 to present, using superior knowledge of the Capital District's topography and varying, unique ground conditions Anjo Construction provides customers with the best possible knowledge and service. The first job the company won was the Lisha Kill Sewer District #2 job in Colonie, New York. 

20130227130656-2 The First Job awarded to Anjo Construction

As for other jobs at the time, and there were many, this was the time in history when our area benefitted from the Federal Clean Water Act and resources were flowing in to build brand new water and sewer systems in all of the towns, villages and suburbs of Albany, Schenectady and Troy. 

Anjo Construction was positioned well to take advantage of these new developments and installed many sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and the necessary pipe to go with it. These opportunities built on our knowledge of the underground utilities in the area, the very same ones that are now being rehabilitated and expanded today. Making Anjo Construction the best place to call when upgrading existing infrastructure and rehabilitating projects are needed. We are a family run company, proud of our heritage, our rich knowledge of the local area where we operate and our quality of work. Our photos gallery showcases just a small portion of the variety of jobs we have completed and show our capabillities.